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I'm an academic who researches and writes about weird pages and unconventional reading practices; about the strange things people do to books and vice versa. 
I've taught at four different HE institutions, done talks and guest lectures of all sorts, and sawed my own book in half in public. Last year I was the annual Munby Fellow in bibliography at Cambridge, when I got to roam the library and play with funny-shaped books. This year I'm working on a Wellcome-Trust funded research project at Exeter University about reading, evidence and indexes, which is also a fascinating job. At the moment I'm trying to finish a book about parafiction and start another about alternate page formats: Holes, Rolls and Folds. I'm also making yet another as an art project  about reading hands which will be exhibited this summer.
With 39 Step press, I collaborate in various ham-fisted printing projects. I also lead a double life as a bass player in a feminist punk band. You can find my work in the TLS, the LRB blog and the LA Review of Books, should you want to. I can also be found on Twitter @roguepages.
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