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I edited this collection about book destruction with Adam Smyth not Smythe.


A chapter about the book-mangling artist John Latham. Why did he chop them up and pump them full of polyurethane foam? All is revealed here.


I wrote about book jackets for this brilliant collection of essays on OUP. Turns out they are easily the most interesting bit of a book.


Why is Truffaut's film version of Fahrenheit 451 so bonkers? 

Because, according to Kittler, books and films hate each other!

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Christina Lupton's very clever book 'Reading and the Making of Time in the Eighteenth Century', reviewed for the LA Review of Books


Here's a review I wrote for the TLS about early typography and incunables.


John Latham's Skoob works are strange and brilliant. I wrote about them for the TLS First Person column.


Juliet Fleming's Cultural Graphology is brilliant, especially if you have a thing about black pages. 

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Weird formats, hidden compartments, binding and disbinding: a TLS bibliography piece on the book as a strange and deceptive box of tricks. 


I went to Rotterdam and missed the train back, but it was worth it becuause I got to review this Alejandro Cesarco Exhibition.


Here's my chapter about Tom McCarthy's novel, Remainder, published in this collection, edited by secret ukulele maestro Dennis Duncan.


I wrote an article in Critical Quarterly about Tom Phillips's amazing a 'treated book', A Humument, which reworks an existing novel.


Book art, reading and an eye-opening trip to the Meermanno museum in The Hague. I wrote this piece for the LRB blog.


Review of Elisabeth Tonnard's Invisible Book. It exists! You just can't see it.

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A voyage round the artists book with the ever entertaining Michael Hampton.

A TLS piece reviewing Fantasies of the Library, a collection of art and essays about odd bookspaces. 

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I went to the Frize Masters Exhibition for TLS First Person. What did I find? Sadly, that I could not afford anything at the Peter Harrington antiquarian book stand.  


Here's a thing I wrote about dp houston's unreadable poetry, unreadable because it comes in a sealed box. It's a right old can of worms.


I wrote about eighteenth century HTML and this rather clever artists book by Nicholas D. Nace.

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